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steam engine stationary savage organ engine with vertical boiler


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Here we have for sale a beautiful and finely made steam plant setup.

Built very nicely and well thought out it is technically complete and is very satisfying to operate.

The boiler is coal fired and certificated.

The plant is complete with large copper water tank, a very old single cylinder steam engine belived ti be roughly 3" by 2" cylinder, this engine is believed to be a savage steam organ engine, its certainly old enough and looks very much like it. She runs beautifully and smoothly.

The plant has been nicely assembled onto a steel topped wooden trolley and is big enough to be very satisfying and interesting but small enough you can easily wheel it out for a steam fix on a Sunday afternoon with a beer.

Fitted with very high quality fittings, 3 cock water gauge, two hand hand pumps, lubricators, and water storage tank, large bell whistle etc etc

feel free to contact for a steam up.

Has her own custom made firing irons.

Runs beautifully - run right down to slow tick over.

A very rare and nicely put together machine.

Extremely rare and interesting machine with lots of detail

Boiler is fully certificated by a commercial tester and is stamped up. Tested until 2019

Happy to test steam for any potential buyer.

Has to be seen to be appreciated.

Happy to deliver in person carefully to you - wont risk it with a courier - just ask.

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